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C.H.Beck eLibrary – Your Key to the World of German History and the Humanities


The C.H.Beck eLibrary offers access to over 500 monographs and textbooks from the vast range of C.H.Beck’s publications in history and the humanities.


Setting standards

The C.H.Beck eLibrary offers convenient access to over 500 scholarly, reference and textbook works authored by acclaimed scholars.

Titles from the following subject areas are accessible through the C.H.Beck eLibrary:

  • Classical Studies and Ancient History
  • Medieval and Early Modern History
  • 20th and 21st Century History
  • Philosophy
  • Religion and Theology
  • Literature and Language
  • Natural History, Psychology and Medicine
  • Music History and Music Guides
  • Politics, Economics and Sociology
  • The journals Gnomon, Journal of Modern European History (JMEH) and Zeitschrift für Ideengeschichte (ZIG)

All information on C.H.Beck eLibrary collections, available titles and prices can be found in our eLibrary brochure.

C.H.Beck eLibrary features a large number of (instant) classic work in German humanities, most notably history, for example all volumes of “Die Geschichte des Westens” by Heinrich August Winkler or “Die Geschichte Deutschland im 20.Jahrhundert” by Ulrich Herbert ( both in the “20th and 21st Century History” package).

You will also find various bestsellers – for example “Das Kapital im 21. Jahrhundert” by Thomas Piketty is included in the “Politics, Economics and Sociology”-package and Arthur Schopenhauer’s classic “Über den Tod” is included in the “Philosophy”-package.


Tried and Tested

The C.H.Beck eLibrary offers all standard functionalities for digital research and administration:

  • New: Authentication via Shibboleth
  • Access via IP-Authentication
  • Campus licenses including Remote Access
  • Unlimited multi-user digital access
  • COUNTER usage statistics
  • Library interface with admin rights
  • Downloadable MARC records and Excel catalogue data

Custom-tailored offers

The C.H.Beck eLibrary enables you to choose from the large range of C.H.Beck e-books according to your needs:

  • Subject collections with fixed price advantages compared to individual list prices
  • Individual E-book purchases (“Pick & Choose”) according to your needs
  • Take advantage of our attractive EBS offer. For details please contact your library supplier or write to us at

Contact and orders

To place an order or get your further questions answered, please contact Ann Kristin Liegel, email:, phone: +49(0)89/38189-786.


Sales and library supplier contact

RA Dirk Schwarze
Phone: 0172/8420304

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