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Dear Publishers and Friends,

We are delighted to share with you our Foreign Rights News for Spring 2017.


The splendour and vibrance of 18th century Vienna and the multi-cultural fl air of a monarchy with its different countries and ethnicities come alive again in Maria Theresa. An Empress and Her Times by Barbara Stollberg-Rilinger, one of the most notable contemporary female historians with numerous awards such as the Leibniz-Prize and the Prize of Historisches Kolleg. This exceptional biography highlights the many ways in which empress Maria Theresa was a truly remarkable woman especially in treating her duty as a reign with utmost diligence thus distinguishing herself from other European monarchs, who preferred to pursue their hobbies whilst letting others take care of less entertaining administrative tasks. English translation rights have been pre-empted by Princeton UP for a significant advance.


In his new book on 1517. A Year in the History of the World, Heinz Schilling takes us on an exciting journey across the globe, from Italy and Spain through the Ottoman Empire to the Chinese imperial court and the Aztec empire. Exploring the times of Martin Luther and his contemporaries all over the world he puts the European Reformation into a global context. His best-selling biography Martin Luther has been translated into 10 languages.
Jonas Grethlein, an internationally renowned expert on ancient Greek literature and himself a brilliant writer, guides us in his forthcoming book The Odyssey. Homer and the Art of Story-Telling to the enchanted world of Ulysses and into the magical craft of this poet. His story is set in the exotic world of ancient Greece - and yet, it is familiar enough for us to share the protagonist‘s hopes and fears. For this title full funding is available for the English translation.
In ficition, please take a look at our funny and sensitive „genius“ Jochen Schmidt (FAS) and his new book Sugar Sand, our thriller Waking the Dogs by Achim Zons – based on a true story; the touching work by Adolf Muschg White Friday on Goethe and his age and the wonderful poems by Nico Bleutge (a selection will be published in No Man’s Land soon).
Jonas Lüscher’s novel Kraft has been ranked first in the February "SWR Bestenliste", a list of the best fiction chosen by 26 prominent German critics, placed even before Hanya Yanagihara’s A Little Life! The FAS praises „dialogues that point out a lot of things the world is turning around“, and LiteraturSPIEGEL‘s Sebastian Hammelehle admits that having read Kraft he intuitively reserved space in his bookshelf „not only for this book, but for all books to be written by Jonas Lüscher in the future“. Just published, Kraft is already in its 3rd printing.
Lüscher’s Barbarian Spring (2013) has been translated into 15 languages.


We will be happy to send you further information or advance reading copies. We look forward to hearing from you.




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