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Dear Publishers and Friends,

We are delighted to share with you our Foreign Rights News for fall 2016.

As always, but maybe more than ever, C.H.Beck books combine scholarly expertise with narrative writing. Our new catalogue offers highlights such as the Sigmund Freud biography by Peter-André Alt, in which he masterfully portrays the life of the "doctor of modernity". Drawing on previously unpublished work by Sigmund Freud, he also unfolds the story of the psychoanalytic movement and the development of psychoanalysis.

Being the long-time publishers of Günther Anders, we are happy to announce the first-ever publication of the correspondence between Hannah Arendt and Günther Anders. The volume entitled Why Don’t You Write Some Hard Facts About Yourself. Letters 1939 - 1975 sheds light on the relationship between the former lovers, both on an intellectual and personal level. Anecdotes including contemporaries such as Walter Benjamin, Theodor W. Adorno and Martin Heidegger make this volume especially appealing. The letters are a moving document of the escape and emigration of two Jewish intellectuals from Germany. In his book Die Kirschenschlacht (The Cherry Battle. Dialogues with Hannah Arendt), Günther Anders paid homage to Arendt after her demise, remembering her as a young woman when they first met. The book was translated into French by Edition Payot, into Italian by Donzelli and into Spanish by Paidos.

Drawing on a vast number of primary sources, Thomas Kaufmann in his well-written book Erlöste und Verdammte (The Saved and the Damned. A History of the Reformation) unfolds the story of a religious revolution that lasted more than one hundred years - a struggle for heavenly salvation and earthly power. The author is known for his attention to detail and his unique ability to present the history of religion in a lucid and entertaining manner. The book is C.H.Beck’s lead-title on the occasion of the 500th anniversary of the reformation in 2017.

Wolfgang Reinhard’s majestic Die Unterwerfung der Welt (The Submission of the World. A Global History of European Expansion 1415 - 2015) published this spring is a uniquely comprehensive study on the prehistory of globalisation. Reinhard covers the vast temporal and spatial dimensions of 600 years of European expansionism from the beginnings in Antiquity and the Middle Ages to the complex processes of decolonization in the 20th century. This title is already in its second edition and received overwhelming reviews everywhere.

In fiction, we would like to highlight Sabine Gruber’s current book Daldossi, oder das Leben des Augenblicks. (Daldossi or The Life of the Moment) - the story of war photographer Bruno Daldossi who is chased by his pictures –, which was just published to immediate critical acclaim. Sabine Gruber’s previous books were sold to Italy, Sweden, England, Russia and Slovakia.

Jonas Lüscher’s Frühling der Barbaren (Barbarian’s Spring), one of our most successful debuts (published in 2013) continues to sell internationally, with 14 countries so far. It was performed at several theatres and paperback rights were sold to Random House. We are looking forward to his new book pub- lished this coming spring!

We will be happy to send you further information or advance reading copies. We look forward to hearing from you.





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