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„You close your eyes and look into the sun, and through your lids you see the color of your own blood – a carmine red. This is the color of your physical existence. Green is the color of the exterior vegetation. Yellow is the color of the sun. Blue is the sky above you.“ These are the opening sentences of Gerd Koenen’s stunning masterpiece The Color Red. Origins and History of Communism. In this epic tale, which leads from the old world to the modern, he connects the high-flying communism of ideas with the communism of real human history. In a new and fresh way he explains why marxism, socialism and communism were obvious answers to those changes and challenges which came upon modern societies with the brutal triumph of capitalism – but at the same time, he shows how and why „communism“ as a political system ended in Russia, China and elsewhere with the cataclysms of terror and paranoia. The price-winning historian worked more than ten years and in a way all of his life for this exceptional book, which combines narrative force with analytic brilliance and is destined to become a classic.

Navid Kermani, an internationally acclaimed journalist, essayist and novelist, recipient of numerous accolades, including the Kleist Prize, the Joseph Breitbach Prize as well as the Peace Prize of the German Booksellers’ Association, in his new book Along the Trenches. A Journey through Eastern Europe All the Way to Isfahan focuses on this strange territory marked heavily by the fissures of wars and catastrophes situated between Western Europe and Russia. With an unerring sense for captivating details, this travel journal is filled with descriptions of forgotten regions where, nevertheless, today history is being made. Kermani’s travels lead him right into the middle of the Jewish Pale of Settlement during the time of the tsars, the “Bloodlands” of the Second World War, along the rift between East and West, where the Cold War has never ended and developed into a heated conflict in the Donbass region of the Ukraine. His previous book Ungläubiges Staunen has sold more than 175.000 copies and has been translated into English, French, Italian, Spanish, Dutch and Norwegian.

In his new illustrated book The History of the World, historian Ewald Frie tells the story of the world from an unprecedented, truly global perspective free from eurocentric bias. Australia was populated by Homo sapiens earlier than Europe. People sailed thousands of miles across the open ocean of the Pacific, while the Romans were still anxiously hugging the coastline. The pyramids and cities of the Americas can hold their own with Babylon and Egypt. And while modern-era Western Europe was fighting wars of religion, a multicultural exchange was being negotiated from Hungary all the way to southern India. Our planet has become a global megacity, where the rich and poor are segregated, but all of us remain inextricably linked. And the megacities of today’s world stand in the same locations where large cities existed before - outside of Europe. Ewald Frie is professor of modern history at the University of Tübingen, where he directs a global history research project.

In fiction, our spring lead title Kraft by Jonas Lüscher was just sold to Farrar Straus and Giroux, to Autrement and to Wereldbibliotheek: Jonas Lüscher’s witty novel about professor Richard Kraft who tries to win a competition in the Silicon Valley but to his own surprise does not like at all what he finds there.

A young fresh voice is Stefan Etgeton. In his novel My Brother’s Happiness he explores an intricately moving story of two brothers. Sometimes happiness evolves from most messed-up situations.

We’re also looking forward to Norbert Scheuer’s Secrets of the Universe, where the construction of an amusement park in a former mine reveals old secrets of the village. His last book The Language of Birds was nominated for the Leipzig Book Fair Prize, rights were sold to the UK and to Egypt.


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