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 We are proud to announce that our authors Aleida Assmann, Professor of Literature and Cultural Studies, and Jan Assmann, professor of Egyptology and Cultural Studies, will receive this year’s Peace Prize of the German Book Trade. Awarded since 1950 and with Susan Sontag, Orhan Pamuk and Navid Kermani amongs its previous recipients, it is one of the most distinguished prizes in Germany.

In A Precarious Peace. The Treaty of Versailles and the World, 1918–1923 Jörn Leonhard, professor of Western European history, shows how diplomats and political leaders from all over the world came to Versailles in the spring of 1919 to agree on a peace settlement for the biggest war the world had seen so far. The result did not bring stable peace but left the world with a difficult legacy – one we have to deal with until today.

Forget everything you think you know about the ancient world and prepare yourself for a journey to The Weirdest Places of the Ancient World: From the pleasure gardens and ancient libraries of the Middle East to golden horse stables in Pharaonic Egypt and haunted houses in Athens, to pirate towns in the mountains, to the center of the world and finally to one particular place in the far west – where a hiss can heard whenever the sun sinks into the sea! In this book, Martin Zimmermann, professor of Ancient History at the University of Munich, takes you far beyond well-known sites like the Roman Forum and the Acropolis to the unruly and forgotten parts of the ancient world.

In non-fiction, we’d also like to mention Hartmut Leppin’s history of The Early Christians, the story of a Christian world beyond dogmas and council decisions but with a multitude of Christianities struggling for answers, and H. Glenn Penny’s The Flying-Swan Mask. German Ethnology and the Discovery of the World, for which the complete, original English manuscript is available on request. 

In fiction, we are very happy to present Welcome Back to Fukushima by Adolf Muschg, who has received all major German and Swiss literary prizes and whose previous books have been translated into many languages. The same is true for the novels by Marjana Gaponenko, who in her new novel The Village Genius presents a modern version of Umberto Eco’s Name of the Rose. Gaponenko’s trademark is her eye for quirky details – here she uses it to turn the library into a suspenseful and fascinating microcosm. Long sample translations are available for both titles.

Gotthard, Zora del Buono’s “perfect novella” (Die Welt), is now available in a paperback edition. Dark and funny, erotic and refined, this novella presents a fascinating glimpse into the lives of the workers building the tunnel through mount Gotthard – a literally “hot” working environment and, for the unlucky, a grave.

After the success of Joseph Roth’s Travels through Ukraine and Russia, we now publish a collection of his essays on Paris, containing some previously unpublished letters.

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