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Eating God is the flashy title of Anselm Schubert’s Culinary History of Communion, which for the first time tells the story of communion through the food items that participants consume. “Take and eat: This is my body, this is my blood, do this in remembrance of me.” With these words, Jesus is said to have established the sacrament of communion. Yet, what was and should be eaten and drunk from time to time was, and still remains, highly controversial. Should it be wheat or barley bread, soured or unleavened, as a wafer or not, with or without cheese, a priest’s goblet, a communal goblet or a single goblet? Can it also be alcohol and gluten free? By exploring communion through the lens of food history Schubert sheds new light on certain central theological debates and offers offers an accessible, original and highly entertaining  brief cultural history of Christianity that appeals to a wide audience.
Anselm Schubert is a professor of modern church history at the University of Erlangen-Nuremberg. Italian translation rights have been sold to Carocci.

The warrior Madarejúwa Tenharim, born in 1996, is The Last Lord of the Forest. His native Amazon clan once numbered more than 10,000, but their population has shrunk to just under 1,000. From a very early age, Madarejúwa possessed an incredible talent with the bow and arrow and when he was just eight years old, the chiefs of his clan granted him the unusual privilege of hunting large animals such as tapirs and wild boars. Foreign correspondent Thomas Fischermann encountered him 2013 for the first time and has since ventured into the forest with him several times, becoming the first outsider allowed to visit the clan’s holy places. Fischermann has participated in the Tenharim people’s daily life, recording hundreds of hours of interviews with Madarejúwa himself as well as with the chiefs, healers and tribal elders. The Last Lord of the Forest is primarily told from the first-person perspective of Madarejúwa as written down by Thomas Fischermann. This book offers a truly unforgettable account of an ancient understanding of the relationship between man and nature.
Thomas Fischermann has been reporting from South America for Die Zeit since 2013. He has received several prizes, including the German Journalist Prize.

On July 18, 2018, the great Nelson Mandela would have been 100 years old. He remains an icon for our time and nobody else is so revered and admired worldwide. His name stands for freedom, peace and reconciliation, but also resistance to oppression, an end to racial discrimination and the strength of human dignity even under the most diffi cult circumstances. Who was this man who began his career as a lawyer and political activist, became a voice of freedom in his country, spent 27 years in prison, negotiated the end of apartheid, and ultimately saved South Africa from a bloody civil war? Stephan Bierling’s extensively researched biography Nelson Mandela. Rebel, Prisoner, President is based on previously inaccessible documents and conversations with fellow travelers. He draws an impressive portrait not only of the resistance fighter and politician, but also of the man called Nelson Mandela. Stephan Bierling is professor of international relations at the University of Regensburg.

In fiction, following his bestselling Königsallee, Hans Pleschinski’s The Villa Wiesenstein tells Nobel laureate Gerhart Hauptmann’s last years in the Third Reich. His latest novel jumped straight to number 25 on the bestseller list.

In young novelist Lilian Loke`s powerful and hilarious novel The Oyster and the Blade two different men form a Faustian pact. While one wants to become a burglar in order to create new rooms for his art, the other, an ex-con, needs cash to open his dream restaurant...

Please also take a look at Matthias Göritz`s Parker - House of Cards in Northern Germany.

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