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As a critical journal for all classical studies, the GNOMON fosters the links between the distinct classical disciplines. It has thus an exceptional position among the classical review journals and allows familiarization with research and publications in neighbouring disciplines. The reviews address an international readership from all fields in classical studies. The GNOMON publishes reviews in German, English, French, Italian and Latin. The digital issues of GNOMON are already available at C.H.Beck eLibrary.

Peter Eich, Hans-Joachim Gehrke, Henner von Hesberg, Martin Hose, Joseph Maran, Ernst Vogt (†), Katharina Volk und Paul Zanker
Editorial office: Martin Hose (Managing Editor) and Oliver Schelske

Submission Guidelines
As a general rule, reviews are assigned only by invitation of the editors. Please address all queries to .
The aim of each GNOMON review is to convey a clear image of the reviewed book’s content that is accessible to a reader who has not read the book and who is not familiar with the problem covered by it. The scientific character of the review may require detailed criticism; however, specific criticism should not outweigh general presentation and should not be offered for its own sake but rather to illustrate methods and results of the book under review. The organization of the review should separate detailed points clearly from the general, more important issues. The GNOMON values reviews of easily readable, precise language. Constructive own contributions to the subject by the review’s author with a view to further research are very welcome.

Address of the editor (also for submission of review copies):
c/o Prof. Dr. Martin Hose
Abteilung für Griechische und Lateinische Philologie
Geschwister-Scholl-Platz 1
80539 München

Subscription service
Telefon: +49 (89) 3 81 89 - 750, Fax: (89) 3 81 89 - 358

The GNOMON Bibliographische Datenbank (bibliographic database), managed by Jürgen Malitz (Katholische Universität Eichstätt) and Gregor Weber (Universität Augsburg), is no longer available as CD-ROM. The complete database is available online (free access) at The Thesaurus is also available in English and French and will soon be available in Italian.

Propylaeum is the “Specialized Information Service Classics” (FID) provided by the Heidelberg University Library and the Bavarian State Library in Munich. It is closely aligned with the scientific needs of the researchers.